Recent progress of communication technologies, such as internet and smart media, has drastically changed our lifestyle. Integration of these new technologies has also led to changes in entertainment. They play an important role in enriching our lives through not only games and animations but also food, travel, recreation, and cultural experiences.

However, the methodologies for developing entertainment systems are yet to be reported, partly because there are many forms of entertainment, and most of them comprise complex cognitive and behavioral elements.Different users have different interests and preferences in entertainment. Creative processes of entertainment systems also require interdisciplinary knowledge and skills such as engineering, information science, kansei engineering, and design.

The mission of the Entertainment Computing Lab of the University of Tsukuba is to develop a user adaptive entertainment platform and high impact applications for the enrichment of our daily life. Research topics include analysis and modeling technologies for games, storytelling, animation and device entertainment, CSCW for content creation, evaluation methods for entertainment. We are also collaborating with our industry partners to develop games for health and learning and e-commerce support systems.

English Pamphlet (2014-2015 ver.)

Japanese Pamphlet (2015-2016 ver.)