Jun'ichi Hoshino
Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
ble_Mail.png jhoshino[at]esys.tsukuba.ac.jp
Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering
University of Tsukuba

1-1-1 Tennoudai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8573, JAPAN
Ph.D in Design, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 2012
Ph.D in Information Science, Waseda University, Japan, 1999

B.S. in Engineering, Waseda University, Japan, 1989
Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering,Japan, 2000–Present
- Developed new digital contents and design education course for undergraduate and graduate students.

Director, Entertainment Computing Laboratory, University of Tsukuba, Japan, 2000–Present
- The first academic entertainment laboratory in Japan. that has invented new entertainment systems such as the soap bubble display system, life-like animation system, virtual action game character, learning action game character, adaptive exercise system, second language learning system, and shop character system.

Researcher, PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Co. (JST), 2000–2003
- -Researched onvirtual human and its applications for entertainment and education.

Assistant Professor, Niigata University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Japan, 1999–2000
- Researched video motion capture system and virtual human system.

Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , The Media Laboratory, 1991–1993
- Research computer vision system such as people and face detection for security system and image database.

Researcher, SECOM Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Japan, 1989-1999
- Researched computer vision techniques for video security systems utilizing person and face detection, and panoramic image synthesis.
Academic Activities
* IFIP TC14 (Entertainment Computing) WG14.1 Chair, 2015-Present
* IFIP TC14 (Entertainment Computing) Japan Representative, 2012-Present
* Councilor, Virtual Reality Society Japan, 2006–2010

* Councilor, Art and Science Society Japan, 2008-2011
* Councilor, Artificial Intelligence Society Japan, 2008-2010
* Guest Editor, Journal on Artificial Intelligence Japan, Special Issue on “Game AI,” 2007
* Founding Chair, IPSJ Special Interest Group on Entertainment Computing, 2005–2006
* Guest Editor, Japan Society of Fuzzy Theory and Intelligence Informatics, Special Issue on “Entertainment Computing,” 2005
* Associate Editor, ACM Computers in Entertainment, 2003–2010
* Program Chair, ACM International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment, 2004–2005
* Founding Chair, Virtual Reality Society Japan, Special Interest Group on Entertainment VR (SIGEVR), 2003–2004
* General Chair, Entertainment Computing Symposium, 2006
* Technical Program Chair, Entertainment Computing Symposium, 2003–2005
* Guest Editor, Journal of Virtual Reality Society Japan, Special Issues on “Entertainment VR,” 2002
* Subcommittee Chair, IWEC2002 (First International Workshop on Entertainment Computing), Home/Arcade Games, and Interactive Movies
* Best Paper, ICEC2014 (International Conference on Entertainment Computing), 2014
* Best Paper, Arts and Science Society of Japan, 2008

* Excellent Award (Spilant World), Arts and Science Society Contest, 2007
* Excellent Award (Virtual Action Player), Arts and Science Society Contest, 2007
* Excellent Award (silhouetter), Arts and Science Society Contest, 2007
* Second Nakayama Hayao Fundation Award, 2007
* Asia Digital Art Award, 2006
* Jury Selection, Media Art Festival, 2006
* Special Jury Award, NICOGRAPH 2006
* Excellent Paper Award, NICOGRAPH 2005
* Best Session Award, SI2004 Symposium, 2004
* Funai Information Science Award, 2003
* R. Nakatsu, J. Hoshino:”Entertainment Computing: Technologies and Applications”, Kluwer Publisher, 2003

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